The team that plays together stays together.

Staff turnover is high for cyber operators in the face of increasing cybercrime and a competitive job market. Let your operators blow off steam and keep their skills sharp by running fun and engaging cyber competitions.

Trusted by enterprise and government.

Boost retention through friendly competition.

Cyber security competitions see participants capture hidden data “flags” from other competitors (Red vs Blue teams) or against a standalone system. It is a chance to bond as a team while practicing job-relevant skills. It also provides managers with a unique opportunity to observe and measure the effectiveness of your responses outside of a live incident. Our competitions platform makes this a breeze through our accompanying insights and reporting. Our competitions will improve cyber operator satisfaction and boost your employee retention.

Challenging scenarios

Your cyber operators will build skills and have fun engaging with any of our hundreds of cyber challenges. Save time and money by letting us build, run, and coordinate your competitive series for you.

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Dedicated support

Our competitions solution comes with dedicated support for you and your competitors. Your account manager will help to design an effective series. Our customer care team will support your competitors throughout your events.

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Superior tech and reporting

We developed our Competitions software platform after years of experience. Beyond hosting challenges and user admin, our platform provides in-depth user reporting to assess the cyber skills and strengths of participants.

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Challenging Scenarios

Enterprise, governments, and universities internationally have trusted us with their global cyber competitions for many years. We can bring this to your internal competitions, with challenging scenarios sourced from:

  • Selecting from hundreds of challenges in our catalogue
  • Delivering custom challenges to meet your exact topology, threat type, or other needs

Dedicated Support

Your dedicated account manager and our support team means we are with you and your competitors every step of the way for a great ongoing series of competition. Avenues of support includes:

  • Account manager to ensure competition meets your requirements and is a success
  • Remote support staff are available to competitors to 
make sure everything runs smoothly

Superior Technology & Reporting

We use enterprise-grade infrastructure so we can scale our technology and support events of all sizes. Technology underpins our solution through:

  • Real-world challenges completed through the browser means you get realistic results without the IT management overhead
  • Identify top performs and energise participants with standard in-platform reporting or custom built reporting
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Great cyber security learning content, however you need it.

Whether taking a course, completing a lab, or competing in a Capture the Flag competition – developing cyber skills is made easier through great content. All of our technologies support adding your own content, including a simple interface for designing complex network topographies. We also have libraries of pre-made content available, including more than 550 cyber challenges for competitions. If you need something specific, leave it to the experts. We are proud to partner with the best in cyber security content development to meet your exact learning and development requirements. Our trusted content suppliers include:

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Hold competitions to fend off the competition.

To learn more about our cyber competitions solution to drive staff retention, the underlying Competitions software platform, or to get started with planning your event, please send us a message using the form provided. We look forward to working with you soon.