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At FifthDomain, we’re on a mission to bridge the cyber security workforce gap.

FifthDomain is trusted and relied on by the Australian Government and enterprise as the sovereign technology leader in cyber talent performance analytics.

We provide cyber skills assessments and capture the flag competitions to uplift and measure skills performance in cyber operations.

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De-risk cyber hiring

Quality assure cyber talent by evaluating precise, technical skills to de-risk cyber hiring.

Engage candidates with gamified, cyber challenges that measure performance.

Gather rich insights on the cyber skills, knowledge and abilities of new recruits to future your upskilling and on-boarding activities, leading to improved staff retention.

Our cyber talent performance analytics and skills ranking solutions will turbocharge your cyber recruitment and onboarding by giving you the quantifiable data you need to select the right cyber operators for your security team.



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Solutions for the entire cyber employee lifecycle.

FifthDomain’s solutions and technology are trusted and relied on by governments and enterprise at every step of the employee lifecycle — from attracting talent, to candidate screening, upskilling and retaining cyber operators. The evolution and asymmetric risk of cyber threats will only accelerate over time. Talented cyber operators remain your best defence. FifthDomain is your trusted partner, and our technology your secret weapon, in the war for cyber talent. Learn more by exploring our solutions below.


Stand out from the crowded job boards. Host a cyber capture the flag competition, build and leverage your community, and become an employer of choice for skilled cyber operators.

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Evaluate prospective cyber hires based on how they perform in common cyber operations tasks. Use quantifiable skills data and performance rankings to de-risk your cyber hiring.

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In security incidents we fall to the level of our systems and training. Don’t leave things to chance – upskill your team with fun, engaging capture the flag challenges that hone cyber skills.

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Engaging team-building events and the chance to display skills are key to retaining talented cyber operators. Our solutions makes it easy to setup, demonstrate ROI, and keep your people.

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Attract great cyber talent.

Harness your community and access a larger pool of cyber talent, through a full-service Capture The Flag (CTF) cyber competition. Our service includes:

  • Challenge design, technology, and event management
  • In-depth skills reporting to prioritise competitor followup
  • Dedicated account manager and competitor support
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“We have been searching for a solution for some time that has the ability to deliver pre-packaged lab environments and to simulate key operational and incident management scenarios…

The integration of our training modules with the FifthDomain advanced learning management platform provides the perfect collaboration for us to expand our training programs and launch our certified training.”

Doug Stuart, COO & Co-founder, Instaclustr

Assess your cyber candidates.

Evaluate your candidates through cyber skills-based assessments so that you can make better hiring and pay decisions, sooner.

  • De-risk cyber hiring and broaden your cyber talent pool
  • Quickly quality assure and rank cyber talent’s operations skills
  • Remove unconscious bias from cyber hiring
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Upskill your cyber operators.

Cyber operations often involves experimentation, followed by reflection and adjustment of the approach. Adversaries and cyber threats evolve constantly. Learning and adapting, or ‘experiential learning’ is the job.

Each of our capture the flag challenges evolves an operator’s ability to learn and adapt, ultimately sharpening their abilities in cyber operations.

  • Hone the operations skills of your cyber team
  • Engage your cyber team through fun, hands-on competitions
  • Identify cyber talent through competition performance insights
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Retain your talented people.

It is easier to retain great employees than to find the next one. Let FifthDomain organise a series of fun and engaging cyber competitions and boost cyber operator staff retention.

  • Challenging scenarios to keep everyone sharp
  • Insights reporting identifies top performers
  • Browser-based for realism without the maintenance
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Great cyber security challenge content, however you need it.

Whether completing an assessment or competing in a Capture the Flag competition – developing cyber skills is made easier through great content. Our platform delivers high quality challenge content developed by specialists, or you can create and add your own content too. If you need something specific, leave it to the experts. We are proud to partner with the best in cyber security content development to meet your exact requirements. Our trusted content suppliers include:

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