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Training and technology for the future and existing cyber workforce
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It’s a people problem. It’s a people solution.

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You need a cyber operator to catch a cyber operator.

The aim of malicious cyber activity is to infiltrate computer networks to access information or money, disrupt services or damage the reputation of the target. Cyber security operators are on the frontline defending networks from criminal activity.

Our mission is to train existing and future cyber security operators to protect computer networks and keep pace with the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Cyberspace is a technological domain operated by people. Cyber conflict is a people problem that needs a people solution.

Building better cyber skills by building better training.

We provide a blend of tailored products and services to deliver educator confidence


Custom developed courses for educational institutions and on-site enterprise training
Table top and environment-based exercises custom built to meet organisational and student needs
Capture the flag (CTF) and hacking competition design and development


Capture the flag infrastructure
Custom designed and fully hosted CTF scoring engine
Learning Management System
Our Learning Management System provides flexible and scalable infrastructure to users
Custom Cyber Ranges
We can replicate IT environments so cyber operations staff can train in their environment, using their tools and technology
Product Journey

Measure performance to manage performance.

FifthDomain maps training to the NICE framework, so students achieve marks against any of over 3000 defined knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks.

The NICE framework is used by government, academia and industry to profile existing cyber workforces and define future workforce requirements.

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We have been there and done that. Now we want you to do it better.

FifthDomain was founded by former Australian cyber intelligence operators. We have been ‘deployed’ to cyberspace on many operations and have seen what works and what doesn’t.

We have used that experience and insight to develop courses, exercises and competitions for government, military, academia and industry to educate existing and future cyber operations experts.

Excellent cyber operators need excellent training opportunities. That is exactly what you’ll get from FifthDomain.

Video Background

Matt: Founder and CEO

Our Team Members

Cyber operators are on the frontline of that engagement.


Matt used to rock climb, mountain bike and go to fight clubs for thrills.

Now he gets his excitement helping train future and existing cyber operators, building awesome technology and working with a great team.

He's passionate about what he does—he can talk a lot about FifthDomain!


Founder and CEO

Andy enjoys building things— furniture from Sweden, Lego and amazing software to train cyber security professionals.

When he is not chasing after his kids at home, he is chasing the kids in the office to make sure they are building the best cyber skills training platform the world has ever seen.


VP Software Products
Diana works closely with our customers to make sure they are always happy. :)

She just finished her Master's in IT and when she is not learning about IT stuff, you can find her dancing to Latino music or working out.


Sales & Customer Experience
A Jack of all trades, our Jack develops our learning platform, builds capture the flag challenges and trains students in cyber operations.

He believes running a home server cluster is a perfectly normal hobby.


Software & Training
While not wondering around in the bush lost on foot or a bike, Reilly can be found creating devious capture the flag challenges, teaching students about cyber or asking why his pull requests haven't been accepted within one minute.

it is hard to get his attention when he has his eyes on the Grafana dashboards.


Software & Training
Probie writes code reminiscent of a lovecraftian horror. Luckily he only does that in his spare time.

When he's behind his desk, he is laser focused on making sure our software is clean, modular and easily scalable.


Sofware Engineering
Alex juggles side projects like hot potatoes. From magic mirrors to quad copters and web scraping spiders there's always something new that tickles his fancy.

At FifthDomain he juggles developing our learning platform, course content and hacking away at capture the flags.


Software & Training
Sowmya is passionate about testing and tests everything that comes her way.

Besides studying cyber security, she can be found gardening and doing DIY projects in her free time.


Software QA

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