Secure your cyber skills with the complete cyber learning platform.

Recent global events are accelerating an already fast-changing cyber threat landscape. Your cyber operator’s limited time for skills training needs to be individualised around their real areas for improvement. Our training solution makes this possible.

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Mastery through experiential training.

The asymmetric and evolving nature of cyber security means that operators must be lifelong learners. Where seconds matter in an incident, success means expecting that we fall to the levels of our systems and training. Experiential training, or learning in real-world environments and simulations, becomes critical to operational success. Our training solutions makes experiential training possible with realistic network topologies, in a browser-based environment that removes the associated maintenance and overhead of device labs or the expense of cyber ranges. Built with cutting edge technologies, our solution is scalable to any number of learners, and suitable for training in-house teams or for external educators.

Skills assessment

Measure the cyber skills of your cyber operators and teams, and develop individualised training programs. Improve efficiency through targeting skills gap instead of the waste of selecting the wrong general module.

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Great courseware

Our training solutions utilises learning labs we developed specifically for cyber. It supports your own content (including video) and integrates with other Learning Management Systems.

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Learner reporting

Learning content is mapped to recognised cyber skills frameworks, and measures users against established categories. Reports assist management and individuals establish a skills baseline and guide improvements.

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Skills Assessment

Our training solutions includes a baseline skills assessment for candidates in the cyber skills areas you nominate. This is useful to:

  • Establish a baseline for your operator’s current ability and team’s coverage
  • Individualise training programs for your operators to maximise return on investment in learning and development

Great Courseware

Our training solutions combines realistic network topologies and scenarios in a low-friction browser environment. Your course content options suit all needs including:

  • Get going quickly using our quality pre-made courseware
  • Develop your own courses with our easy-to-use course creation tools
  • Leverage our expertise to develop custom courses for your exact needs
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Learner Reporting

Our service’s rich management reporting capability supports your leadership and decision-making to:

  • Guide periodic training and justify pay and performance-related decisions
  • Demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) of your learning and development programs to justify ongoing funding or budget increases

Great cyber security learning content, however you need it.

Whether taking a course, completing a lab, or competing in a Capture the Flag competition – developing cyber skills is made easier through great content. All of our technologies support adding your own content, including a simple interface for designing complex network topographies. We also have libraries of pre-made content available, including more than 550 cyber challenges for competitions. If you need something specific, leave it to the experts. We are proud to partner with the best in cyber security content development to meet your exact learning and development requirements. Our trusted content suppliers include:

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We fall to the levels of our systems and training.

Don’t let a novel cyber incident catch your cyber operators unprepared. Reduce your operating risks by engaging FifthDomain for your cyber training requirements. Please send us a message using the form provided. We look forward to working with you soon.