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FifthDomain makes software for cyber skills development and management, across the employee lifecycle. Our flagship products are:

  • Assessor: test the cyber skills of your prospective cyber hires and benchmark your current operators
  • Learning Labs: an end-to-end cyber skills learning environment with real network topologies
  • Competitions: host your cyber Capture The Flag contests for operators and communities to prove their skills


Pick-and-mix from realistic scenarios to craft your ideal cyber candidate screening experience. Leverage our platform’s data insight and analysis to measure and visualize the capability of your prospective hires and internal transfers. By assessing based on skill, you can unlock access to additional talent from non-traditional pathways to get the edge in the war for cyber talent.

Whether you are building a new cyber security operations capability or levelling up an existing one, Assessor means you can hire and operate with confidence.

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Hire for skill, not just certificates

Certificates don’t tell the whole story. How will this person respond to incidents once they are working in your Security Operations Centre? How much training do they really need to be operational once hired? Assessor’s realistic scenarios help you answer these questions about candidates before you make a hiring decision.

Find more talent upstream

Are you running Capture The Flag (CTF) events for the cyber community? Then you already know these events are a great way to build connections and talent flow for cyber recruiting. Assessor is a perfect complement; our data insights and analysis will tell you the whole story about your CTF competitor strengths.

FifthDomain’s ‘Assessor’
helped Elliott Gray profile
cyber applicant’s skills
for bulk recruitment
round for an Australian
Government client.

The FifthDomain insights
provided recruitment the
information needed to better
place applicants into the

Alexandra Elliott, Director and Co-founder, Elliot Gray

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Learning Labs

Finding experienced cyber operations staff is challenging, and education and training methods are out of step with the pace of the current threat landscape. Our unique learning and training environments are available on-premises and remotely, meaning you choose what you want to teach and how.

We have content for new students, through to advanced operators but we also understand the need to provide specific training to meet the needs of individual organizations. With our learning labs you can confidently deliver vendor or open-source content or lessons you have developed yourself.

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How it works

Built with cutting-edge technologies to deliver world-class training experiences for educators and users, our platform makes it easy to harness the power of the cloud.

Using our technology, you can create complex network topologies and different combinations of Virtual Machines (including Linux and Windows), making it possible to network hardware such as firewalls and routers. Virtual Machines are controlled through a web-based Virtual Cloud Network session — the only thing you need to access the Learning Labs is a browser.

You can add video and integrate with other Learning Management Systems, so everything needed to complete the lab is at your fingertips.

Measure your return on investment

Cyber security operators need to be lifelong learners — their training needs are intensive. If you are investing time and money in education and training, you need the confidence you are making the most of your training budget.

Our pre-developed content is mapped to the globally recognized NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and measures user proficiency against identified Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks (KSATs). The metrics provide insight into individual training needs as well as identify skills gaps in your existing workforce. Learners can also use the metrics to guide their most suitable learning pathway.

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One platform, many uses

Educational Institutions: deliver cyber security operations curriculum content without specialized hardware or setup.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Teams: deliver specific training and map progress to identify skills gaps and future learning needs.

Organizations: deliver hands-on cyber awareness training, giving your workforce exposure to the consequences of malicious cyber activity on your networks and data.

Recruiters: test the claims of job applicants by running them through scenarios to verify their proficiency in the skills you need.

Features at a glance

  • On-demand usage and quota management
  • User access control
  • Learning Management System integration
  • Isolated virtual environments
  • Pre-built content and scenarios
  • Learner reporting and metrics
  • Individual and collective environments
  • VPN access to Learning Labs Virtual Machines
  • User and reference guides
  • Gamification and certifications
  • White-labelling available

We have been searching for a solution for some time that has the ability to deliver pre-packaged lab environments and to simulate key operational and incident management scenarios…

The integration of our training modules with the Fifth Domain advanced learning management platform provides the perfect collaboration for us to expand our training programs and launch our certified training.

Doug Stuart, COO & Co-founder, Instaclustr

See our Case Studies for more FifthDomain success stories.

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Cyber security operators need to train and exercise their skills to effectively defend against malicious cyber activity.

Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions provide a best practice methodology to train cyber operations staff. Our Competitions platform makes it easy to host your CTFs, whether online or on-premises.

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You can only fight the way you practice

There is no warning of a cyber incident. Practicing the application of tools and techniques against known cyber threats are a powerful and effective way to prepare cyber teams to take immediate actions in real-life situations.

The major benefit of CTF competitions is the volume of learning attained by competitors during the timed and pressured activity, and the immediate reward following an achievement.

Our challenging but fun competitions are designed around scenarios mimicking realistic situations and known vulnerabilities. Competitors are then given the opportunity to prepare against these types of threats in their own systems, reducing time to resolution and scale of impact.

Depending on the style of game and the requirements of the hosting organization, we can build competitions for teams of people with skills in digital forensics, intelligence, communication, incident management and technical operations.

Know your adversary

To defend your networks, you need to know your opponent. Our attack and defend CTF competitions are designed for teams to both attack and defend computer networks, enabling players to red-team and play ‘the bad guys’ and increase their understanding of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of malicious actors. There are ‘flags’ (text files, folders, images) in the network that the attacking team tries to access and compromise.

The defending team uses technology to monitor their network and watch for Indicators of Compromise (IoC). They can use any tool or technique within the rules to defend their networks.

Using our custom scoring engine, teams are scored against the skills identified in the development of the game. Penalties apply if teams break the rules or need significant clues to progress.

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Test and grow your skills

We can design competitions where teams are not attacking, but rather testing their skills against categories including cryptography, steganography, and scanning.

These challenges occur on a replicated network with flags inserted to gain points for the team. These competitions are usually timed, and the winning team is declared once the clock stops.

Your place or ours

We work closely with hosting organizations to develop custom-built competitions for their participants and determine the skills to be tested and scored by our scoring engine.

We also have pre-built games ready to deploy that are based on scenarios affecting any network.

We can built metrics into our competitions so you can analyze individual and team skills. This useful data can be used to identify skills gaps and inform future training activities and recruitment.

Features at a glance

  • Web-based access
  • On-demand usage and quota management
  • Accessible through Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Pre-built content
  • Custom scenario development available
  • Safe virtual environment
  • Offensive and defensive skills development
  • Fun and engaging for cyber operators
  • Hands-on learning