Evaluate cyber candidates quickly and find your superstars based on skills.

Entry-level cyber roles are often flooded with low quality applicants. We know what to look for in candidates. And what’s more, we utilise tools to objectively identify cyber strengths and skills share the results with you for better hiring decisions, sooner.

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Uncovering your best cyber applicants.

In our experience, entry-level cyber roles receive upwards of 300 applicants. This represents a large time commitment to process. The challenge is that certifications don’t tell the whole story. You need to know whether the candidate has the skills you require, or what sort of training ramp they represent to be operationally ready. We are able to conduct skills assessments across your candidate pool, giving you a ranked report of candidates suitability for your role, as well as individual insights reports into strengths and approaches to solving challenges. These reports are a great asset to your engineering managers in an interview context for asking questions, streamlining your process for making pay and hiring decisions.

Challenge library

Select from hundreds of realistic cyber tasks to put your cyber candidates through their paces. Our extensive content library means we can conduct skills assessments in your recruitment process with minimal notice.

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Skills assessment

Our assessment solution comes with dedicated support for your candidates. While challenges reflect real-world conditions, they are conducted via the browser for maximum accessibility and a positive experience.

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Candidate reports

Assessor combines our cyber industry experience with machine learning to produce critical insights into the cyber skills of your potential hires and staff. See who your top performers are, and what differentiates them.

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Challenge Library

Create an assessment that reflects the skills your role requires, including categories like Cryptography and Reverse Engineering. Sources of challenges includes:

  • Hundreds of pre-made assessments through our platform’s challenge library
  • Custom content development available

Skills Assessments Platform

We have decades of experience in assessing cyber operators across government, defence, and industry. We developed a unique platform for conducting cyber skills assessment. Benefits of using us includes:

  • Eliminating hiring biases and hiring for skills and knowledge
  • Apples-to-apples ranking of all candidates in your hiring pool
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Candidate Reports

Our data and insights reporting layer combines our expertise with machine learning to provide you the quantitative edge to your recruitment process. Receive advanced insights into the capability of any individual or team, including:

  • See who are your relative top performers and strongest potential hires
  • Identify specific strengths, and areas for improvement which can be improved

Find your diamonds in the rough through cyber skills assessments.

To learn more about our skills assessments solution, the technology underlying our assessments, or to get started with FifthDomain providing a skills assessment for your next intake, please send us a message using the form provided. We look forward to working with you soon.