Cyber National Assessment Program for Skills & Employment

CYNAPSE will help to recruit a more diverse cyber workforce

FifthDomain is the Lead for the CYNAPSE Program with 13 Partners from the finance, recruitment, education and cyber sectors.

CYNAPSE is partly funded by the Department of Industry and Science under the Cyber Security Skills Partnership Innovation Fund.

What is CYNAPSE?

CYNAPSE is the development and creation of a national assessment platform to standardise the minimum capability criteria for security operations centre (SOC) employees. The platform will assess, measure and analyse cyber skills and aptitude for a career in cyber. It will also prepare candidates for working in a SOC and provide employers and recruiters with insights to improve workforce participation.

• the Program is backed by the Australian Government
• up to 10,000 concurrent users
• online platform
• assessments are created on real life scenarios
• tests for aptitude as well as technical ability

Program benefits for candidates

  • Free for candidates to join –  Sign up via the form below to the CYNAPSE newsletter to access program updates and pilot details.
  • Showcase your cyber skills – Prove your cyber prowess in our hands-on Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge.
  • Your pathway to a cyber career – Post CTF, your details go straight to our recruitment partners for future job opportunities.
  • Real-world insight – Gain hands-on knowledge of working in cyber operations.
  • Pioneer the future of Australia’s cyber workforce – Join Australia’s cyber talent-boosting pilot program.

Program benefits for employers and recruiters

  • Data-Driven candidate insights – Candidate skills performance data and analytics for faster and more informed hiring decisions.
  • Broader talent pipeline – Access to a broader talent pool of passionate cyber enthusiasts for recruitment needs.
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion – Discover untapped and diverse talent to enhance your cyber capability.
  • Mitigate hiring risk – Reduce risk throughout the hiring process by assessing candidates hands-on skills through our CTF challenge.

CYNAPSE Pilot program schedule

The pilot program unfolds in two stages

Stage one – now closed Stage two
14- 19 October: Practice training CTF and CTF competition 26-31 October:  Assessment, for those who pass into the next round.


Why do we need a national standard for capability criteria in cyber?

Currently there is no national industry standard to assess cyber skills or a platform to test people’s aptitude for this type of work.

The CYNAPSE program will assess, measure and analyse cyber skills and aptitude.

It will also prepare people for working in a SOC and it will provide employers and recruiters with important insights such as where people need extra training or what they’re particularly good at.

Who is CYNAPSE for?

CYNAPSE will provide opportunities for cyber security employers and recruiters to find more talent quicker and easier.

CYNAPSE will also provide opportunities for people who experience barriers to entry such as:

  • Women (who currently only make up 24% of the workforce),
  • People without a formal education in cyber security or IT,
  • Neurodiverse individuals,
  • First Nations Australians,
  • Transitioning veterans and first responders,
  • People with disabilities,
  • People who have migrated to Australia and
  • People who live in remote communities.

What are the other benefits of CYNAPSE?

• find untapped and diverse talent
• recruit with more confidence and less risk (reduction in rehires)
• reduce time to fill positions (save time and money)
• remove recruitment bias
• provide an employment pathway for remotely located people,
people not fond of interviews & people wanting a career change
• increase the quality and quantity of the cyber workforce
• improve collaboration among existing teams
• provide realistic SOC scenarios
• enhance Australia’s sovereign cyber capability.

How to get involved in CYNAPSE

Join the CYNAPSE team and get pre-public access. Learn how to recruit better, and enjoy early release opportunities from the pilot.

  • Take part in our surveys and interviews to ensure the product is the best it can be.
  • Be a part of our workshops and webinars to try the product in the test phase.
  • Join the first run live and see how CYNAPSE can help you recruit better and hire more diverse talent faster with less risk.
  • Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you are up to date on our latest progress.

CYNAPSE partners

Stage one of the CYNAPSE pilot program is now closed, register to hear about the 2024 industry launch.

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