You can only fight the way that you practice.

Cyber security operators need to train and exercise their skills to effectively defend against malicious cyber activity. Cyber competitions provides a best practice methodology to train cyber operations staff. Our Competitions platform makes it easy to host competitions online or on-premises.

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Serious cyber skills through fun and games.

Novel cyber incidents take so many forms. Practicing the application of tools and techniques against known cyber threats are a powerful and effective way to prepare cyber teams to take immediate actions in real-life situations. Capture the Flags (CTFs) is a popular style of cyber competition that lets operators exercise effectively. The major benefit of CTF competitions is the volume of learning attained by competitors during the timed and pressured activity, and the immediate reward following an achievement. Our challenging but fun competitions are designed around scenarios mimicking realistic situations and known vulnerabilities. Competitors are then given the opportunity to prepare against these types of threats in their own systems, reducing time to resolution and scale of impact. Competitions are useful to operators across diverse disciplines, including digital forensics, intelligence, communication, incident management and technical operations.

Competitor insights and reporting.

Our Competitions platform includes competitor metrics so you can analyse individual and team skills. This useful data can be used to identify skills gaps, understand approaches to problems, and inform future training activities and recruitment needs.

Your place or ours?

We work closely with hosting organizations to develop custom-built competitions for their participants and determine the skills to be tested and scored by our scoring engine. We also have pre-built games ready to deploy that are based on scenarios affecting any network, ready for deployment in the cloud or on-premises. Contact us with your needs.

Great for internal teams and global communities.

We can design competitions where teams are not attacking in the traditional Red versus Blue setup, but rather testing their skills against categories including cryptography, steganography, and scanning. Competitions is used for many situations: large Security Operations Centre with red and blue teams, standalone defensive teams, and large community events for secondary and tertiary students.

Great cyber security learning content, however you need it.

Whether taking a course, completing a lab, or competing in a Capture the Flag competition – developing cyber skills is made easier through great content. All of our technologies support adding your own content, including a simple interface for designing complex network topographies. We also have libraries of pre-made content available, including more than 550 cyber challenges for competitions. If you need something specific, leave it to the experts. We are proud to partner with the best in cyber security content development to meet your exact learning and development requirements. Our trusted content suppliers include:

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