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By Trea | In Collaborators, Launch

“What made FifthDomain decide on Launch on Northbourne?

At the end of 2019 we knew we are going to experience rapid growth in our workforce. The success of our projects during the year required us to more than double the workforce from January to December and the work slated for 2020 would see us grow again.

We simply outgrew our modest accommodation that originally was home to a team of five. So the search was on to find a space that would comfortably fit the team. It was important for us to look in the City area as we had all grown the love the benefits of great coffee and fabulous places to eat and socialise together on nearly every corner.

As our business is all about innovation and technology, we wanted a space that would align with our brand. Somewhere that provided the space to work in small groups, host meetings and had the ability to grow with our business.

Launch on Northbourne offered all that and more. The synergy between our service offering, innovative cyber education and training technologies, and a university associated premises was a match made in heaven.

What opportunities do you see working from a space that is associated with a university?

FifthDomain is all about innovation in cyber security education. Our technologies deliver cyber content that is designed to enable critical hands-on education and training that complements activities of educational institutions and organisations. Cyber security is a rapidly growing industry, with need outstripping the supply of educated and trained cyber professionals. It also a field that requires significant hand-on learning opportunities to develop the depth of skill organisations need to defend their networks and assets.

A significant paradigm shift is underway for cyber education with global recognition that traditional education models can not keep pace with rapidly changing threat landscapes. A workspace associated with a university provides a unique opportunity to showcase our technologies and services to people who are addressing this problem, either as a potential partner or a provider.

Close links with the educational and defence sectors means we can be part of the discussion about the possibilities of different approaches, the value of cyber education data and how industry can support the ongoing development of future and existing cyber security professionals.

The cyber focused space will provide great benefit to students of all ages, enabling them to engage with business and technologies to support their professional growth.

What do you see as some of the advantages of working from Launch on Northbourne?

FifthDomain’s business headquarters at Launch on Northbourne provides opportunities not considered at the time of the initial search for a new workspace. We will now be able to work with other cyber and defence innovators to build relationships and potential joint projects. On a physical front, the infrastructure enables us to grow our business with customers that have significant security requirements. The controlled environment, with security measures and processes makes it an infinitely viable proposition to deliver highly secure cyber education and training services to government and defence customers with specific requirements.

Visitors to Launch on Northbourne will have the opportunity to meet with tenants based on their area of interest and find out about other cyber capabilities that might not know they need until they see it.

Having an innovation hub will provide enormous benefit to the cyber and defence eco-system from an educational, business and economic perspective.

Tell us about your company – what does FifthDomain do?

FifthDomain provides innovative, agile and flexible education and training technologies to deliver cyber security content. The platform provides a range of learning experiences from guided learning lab environments enabling students to get their hands on the keyboard and apply their learning, cyber range capability to explore and understand complex networks and the ramifications of cyber threats and an engaging gamified competition environment to test and develop skills against real world scenarios.

Each of these environments can be aligned against a common skills framework, enabling the collection of valuable cyber skill data. This information is used to guide the development of cyber curriculum and content as well as provide useful data to assess and build cyber operations teams.

FifthDomain’s technologies are delivered via the cloud enabling users to engage in secure learning environments from their own devices with just a browser, at a time and place that suits them,.

FifthDomain works in an ever-growing industry – do you see this work being more important now than ever?

More business than ever is delivered online and with that convenience comes risk. Cyber security is recognised as a critical function to ensure global security and prosperity. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to highlight the dependence of a connected world with increased services being delivered online, from retail to government services. Swathes of data are being transacted every day and with global attention on critical matters such as health and economy the time has never been riper for increased malicious cyber activity.

Increase in digital services, broadening the cyber threat landscape means an ever-growing need for a job-ready cyber workforce. FifthDomain’s technologies are perfectly suited to deliver essential cyber education and training in a world that is moving towards remote activities, especially with the temporary closure of traditional face-to-face learning environments.”