FifthDomain is on a mission to tackle the global cyber workforce shortage.

Our Australian Cyber Hiring Playbook – October 2023 is a strategic guide tailored for HR Business Partners, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and Security Operations Center (SOC) Managers. This mini white paper tackles the pressing issue of the global cyber workforce shortage, presenting findings from extensive market research within the Australian cyber hiring landscape.

The paper begins by illuminating the cyber security workforce gap, shedding light on the challenges faced by employers in cyber hiring. Drawing from valuable industry feedback, it offers insightful solutions and key takeaways for organisations seeking to bridge the talent deficit.

FifthDomain goes beyond theory and delivers practical value by amalgamating industry insights. The highlight of this playbook is the comprehensive Cyber Hiring Checklist, designed to empower HR professionals and security leaders with a structured framework for identifying, evaluating, and onboarding top-tier cyber talent.

With this playbook in hand, you are equipped to navigate the complex world of cyber hiring with confidence, helping to fortify your organisation and your team against evolving cyber threats.

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