In today’s digital age, data analysis and key metrics play a crucial role in helping HR professionals gain valuable insights into their organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement.

By leveraging these insights, HR professionals can make informed decisions in vital aspects such as hiring, retaining, and upskilling their cyber workforce. In this blog post, we will explore how FifthDomain’s solutions can empower HR professionals and L&D managers to elevate their HR strategies with data-driven insights, leading to impactful outcomes.

Identifying common challenges in the cyber employee lifecycle

Through extensive workshops with industry leaders, FifthDomain has gathered intelligence on the three, common life cycle stages that employers struggle with:

Attraction and Recruitment

Attracting and recruiting cyber talent can be challenging, time-consuming and uncertain, and can create risk for employers. Identifying the right skills for the role to support high performance and longevity are crucial factors for success.

Learning and Development

Selecting useful training to upskill employees in cyber security can be difficult for HR professionals and L&D managers due to the opaque nature of cyber skills. Understanding which specific skills and competencies require upskilling, and effectively engaging employees regarding promotions become a significant challenge.


Retaining skilled cyber professionals poses a challenge in a market facing a shortage of cyber talent. Larger organisations often poach staff and offer unbeatable employment deals, making it difficult for employers to retain their cyber teams.

Bolstering your HR metrics with FifthDomain’s cyber workforce solutions

Our solutions offer HR professionals and L&D managers powerful tools to address the challenges mentioned above. Let’s explore three key HR metrics that can be enhanced using our solutions:

Time to hire

Efficient hiring decisions are vital (AIHR, 2016) and FifthDomain’s Assessor solution enables employers to make swift hiring decisions based on a cyber candidate’s skill set.

The platform offers a user-friendly experience for both hiring managers and candidates, with tailored cyber tasks that assess candidates’ abilities. The hiring manager can view performance reports and gain key insights into each candidate’s approach and performance in cyber operations tasks.

Performance and potential

FifthDomain’s solutions, such as Competitions or Assessor, provide a gamified learning experience for cyber operators. Competitions allow HR professionals and L&D Managers understand their team’s skill sets, identify areas requiring upskilling, and implement targeted learning and development initiatives.

By tailoring competitions to specific business needs and leveraging the platform’s analytics dashboard, managers can gain valuable insights into employee performance and growth potential.

Time since last promotion

Calculating the average time since the last internal promotion provides valuable data for understanding employee retention (AIHR, 2016) . FifthDomain’s solutions shed light on employees’ skill sets, enabling HR professionals and managers to promote their cyber workforce based on skill development.

By providing virtual machine-based, cyber skills testing opportunities, FifthDomain empowers organisations to retain high-performing employees and reduce turnover.

FifthDomain understands the challenges and pain points faced by employers in the cyber employee lifecycle. By providing solutions that enable HR professionals and L&D managers to understand their cyber workforce’s skill sets, benchmark capabilities and identify upskilling opportunities, FifthDomain empowers organisations to effectively manage their cyber talent.

Trusted by the Australian Government and enterprise, FifthDomain’s solutions offer data-driven insights that enhance HR strategies and drive impactful outcomes in the ever-evolving world of cyber security.

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