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Assessor is the browser-based cyber security skills testing platform. Valuable across the employee lifecycle, Assessor gives you a risk-free environment to evaluate prospective cyber candidates through skills-based assessments.

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Uncover talent through skills assessment.

Pick-and-mix from realistic scenarios to craft your ideal cyber candidate screening experience. Leverage our platform’s data insight and analysis to measure and visualize the capability of your prospective hires and internal transfers. By assessing based on skill, you can unlock access to additional talent from non-traditional pathways to get the edge in the war for cyber talent. Whether you are building a new cyber security operations capability or levelling up an existing one, Assessor means you can hire and operate with confidence.

Use our large library of cyber content, or easily add your own.

Assessor offers hundreds of realistic cybersecurity challenges and tasks to put your cyber candidates and staff through their paces. Our extensive content library means you can quickly create assessments by drawing upon our pre-made content. A browser-based environment means speed, ease-of-use, and no hardware to maintain.

Explained insights for smarter and faster decisions.

Assessor combines our cyber industry experience with machine learning to produce critical insights into the cyber skills of your potential hires and staff. See who your top performers are, and what differentiates them.

Tailor assessments to your requirements.

You know your cyber operations environment best. Maximize the effectiveness of your assessments by picking-and-mixing from our content library to best target the skills and values you need most for your requirements.

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