Learning Labs

Our learning management system enables teacher-to-class style teaching of cyber operations and self-paced eLearning through virtual labs

  • remote and on-premises access
  • available 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • integrates with your existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  • delivers content from multiple sources, meeting your specific needs


Our learning labs are built using cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best training experience for our users. It’s the combination of these technologies and our management system that makes it easy for you to harness the power of the cloud.

But the cloud is not the only way to access the labs - we can also provide on-premises access for organisations that need an extra layer of security.

Our platform gives you lots of scope to individualise learning journeys. You can use content from multiple sources:

  • your own
  • open source
  • industry vendor
  • content we develop with industry partners

This unique and flexible integration of content makes sure you can deliver the training you need, not what someone decides for you.

You can add videos and other resources to the platform so students have everything they need to complete the challenges at their fingertips.

Because of the flexibility we offer, our learning labs are just as effective teaching basic cyber security content to secondary students right through to training highly experienced Security Operation Centre (SOC) operators and analysts.

Our labs are delivered on virtual machines (VMs) giving the user the same experience as if they were working in a real-life operating system. The VMs are separated from real infrastructure so the software can't escape or tamper with the computer.

This creates an optimal learning and testing environment because the actions of the end user/s don’t affect real networks-which is exactly what you want when you have users with significant cyber skills at the end of the keyboard.

Our platform can track metrics on the training completed, usage rates and skills and knowledge levels at an individual, team or organisation level.

The Technical Stuff

Our learning labs use OpenStack designed to work with many different cloud providers, including Azure and AWS. Consumption of computer power is completely managed by the platform so you only pay for what you use.

We have integrated industry leading software like SIEMS, firewalls and intrusion detection systems giving our users a life-like environment to build their skills. You can also customise the labs by pulling images from our VM library and make them unique to you.

We use industry leading software management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the performance and reliability of our platform.