Custom Cyber Ranges

Cyber operators need to understand their networks to protect them and organisations need to test new technologies in simulated environments before they are live on their network.

Cyber Ranges

Cyber ranges are interactive and replicated networks, systems, tools and applications connected to a simulated internet environment.

We can build replicas of enterprise networks so your staff can train in their own environment, using their own tools and technology. The ranges can be hosted in the cloud or on premises depending on your requirements.

Replicated networks provide a safe environment to test new technologies and assess their impact on real life operations, eliminating the need to undo upgrades or find out about a vulnerability through a cyber incident.

Cyber ranges are separated from real operations environments and include simulated traffic and replicated network services like web pages, browsers and email.

Our custom cyber ranges provide a safe and legal environment to get hands-on experience and a secure environment for product development and security posture testing.

Cyber ranges can also be used to test incident response capability ensuring your team is well prepared and battle-ready in the case of a cyber event.

Our technology can also assist in the testing of potential job candidates where practical application of skills can be tested against identified requirements.