Course Outline: Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO)


The current and future demand for cyber security professionals is outweighing the supply. Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) is a niche capability sought by governments and militaries.

Offensive Cyber Operations is a course for operators interested in developing planning, management and technical skills. Over five days participants will learn the Offensive Cyber Tradecraft (OCT) Taxonomy. Completing the course participants will have the well-rounded knowledge, frameworks and experience on which to build future learning.

Learning Outcomes

Conduct basic Offensive Cyber Operations activities:

  • Conduct task analysis.
  • Define operation objectives, resources and constraints.
  • Deconstruct and analyse the target environment.
  • Understand OCO tactics: Discover, Access, Assure & Leverage.
  • Analyse and apply suitable techniques.
  • Employ and troubleshoot a variety of open-source tools.
  • Manage operational risk.


Course is delivered on-site at Fifth Domain's training facility. Participants are required to BYOD laptop with wi-fi connectivity. All our labs are cloud-based so participant laptops are not required to run virtual machines.


  • 2-3 years working in IT or equivalent study
  • Networking: Intermediate
  • System administration: Basic
  • Programming: Nil
  • Data analysis: Basic


13-17 February 2017


$3,500 +GST per person. Maximum 20 seats per course.


Please reserve your seat on the course by registering online at or by emailing:

Payment details will be provided on the invoice.

Course Program
Offensive Cyber Operations

Day 1

Cyberwar, cyber-crime and cyber-espionage Tradecraft vs Toolcraft

Networking Fundamentals

TCP/IP Model

Addressing - MACs, IPs, ports, hosts and domains

Protocols - TCP, UDP, ARP, DNS, NetBIOS, HTTP

Segmentation - VLANs, subnets, subdomains

Task Analysis

1st and 2nd order effects

Essential and implied tasks

Resources and constraints

Target Analysis

Five-level target model

Target analysis framework

Day 2
Offensive Cyber Tradecraft Taxonomy

Discover - research and reconnaissance

Access - exploit, payload and vector

Assure - security, surveillance and stealth

Leverage - pillage and pivot

Techniques, Tools & Procedures

Practical labs using a variety of open-source tools for:

Harvesting open-source intelligence, scanning and probing

Exploring exploit and payload options and delivery vectors

Maintaining persistence on the target

Collecting information and moving through the network

Day 3
Capture the Ring

Following a guide-book, participants re-enact the intrusion and pivoting through a ficticious network. Participants will use a variety of native system functionality to discover, access and then leverage information within a network.

Day 4
Individual challenges

Participants will apply frameworks and techniques to gain entry to and collect information from a single computer system. Participants will maintain an operation-log and produce a final report on their activity.

Day 5
Team exercise

Just like the individual challenge but bigger and in teams. This time teams of 5-8 people will role-play and OCO team who has been given the task of infiltrating a medium sized network in order to collect information. Teams will produce tactical and operational reports for higher management and customers.