Course Outline: Cyber Security Operations Pathways (CSOPS)


The current and future demand for cyber security professionals is outweighing the supply. Staff to work in security operations centers around the globe are in short supply.

CSOPs is a suite of tailored in-house training courses for technical operators and managers. The courses are designed to rapidly improve in-house cyber security capabilities in people and process. Every organisation’s mission and technology is different and so training that is tailored to suit each situation will yield the most benefit.

Level 1
"Collect & Detect"
Provides staff the understanding of the process of designing and deploying minotoring and collection technologies.
Level 2
"Analyse & Investigate"
From receiving an alert to building an intelligence picture, staff learn investigation and analysis tools and techniques.
Level 3
"Respond & Remediate"
Strategies, coordination and reporting requirements for containment and eradication and then preventing further infection.
Level 4
"Decode & Discover"
Media and network forensics plus malware analysis to support incident responsive activities.
Level 5
"Deceive & Dominate"
Planning and implementation of active-defence measures such as deception and manouvre to maintain the initiative and deter attackers.

Tailoring Requires Measurement...

There is an upfront overhead of providing a tailored training package for your CSOC. However, once documented the model can be used to design all your courses.

Tailored training begins with an initial consultation where we collect your requirements on which to build the training courses. Because CSOPs courses are tailored the initial discovery work is essential.

Then we build the training content for you. This includes general principles that your processes are based on and the technology that is in your environment. Content is tailored to your needs as much as you need.

Finally, we train your staff to deliver the desired outcomes for the business. Training can be delivered in full-day or half-day blocks so that your CSO team is not off-line for too long.