Course Delivery

Online training

For individuals and organisations needing a variety of cybersecurity training on-demand. Sign-up, browse training catalogue, and choose a course. Training is recorded against personal profiles to track progress and performance.

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How to buy



Visit Penteract sign-up page and create a user profile. Take a quiz or self-assessment to build your profile.


Browse and select course

Sign-in to Penteract and search for or browse the training catalogue. Preview and select a course to begin immediately or save to your profile to take later.


Complete course

Complete your course direct from your web browser. Interact with your own virtualised labs with supporting video and documents to guide you through to completion.


All online courses are in-built with technology that asseses your performance. At the end of each course you'll be shown how you went. These metrics will be incorporated into your profile.


"Fifth Domain's courses go beyond simply teaching how to use the various tools currently available by incorporating an aggressor's mindset and approach to tradecraft. Doing so provides a much more detailed and nuanced view of today's threat landscape for participants. With deep subject knowledge and delivery tailored to the audience, They ensure both technical and non-technical staff will benefit from attending."
- Defence Analyst