Services: Cyber Health Check (CHC)


Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) handle a great deal of sensitive information. Whether that be customer’s personal information, health records, nancial data or intellectual property - information is really important to your business. How would your information falling into the hands of criminals or competitors affect your business?

Disruption to your business, loss of competitive advantage, reputation harm and regulatory penalties are examples of risks originating from a data breach. Information exposure is greater than ever as staff bring their own device to work, third-parties and contractors have privileged access systems and data and then there are the complexities of the Cloud. Once the problems of large enterprises, data and cyber security is now a responsibility of SMEs. SMEs can achieve good cyber secuirty through implementing simple changes to technology and processes. It’s about being safer through smarter.


of all cyber-crime targets small business


average cost to Aus. businesses per breach


reduction in costs when security basics used

What you need...

Fifth Domain’s services are structured but tailorable to your needs. Business will be at different stages on their journey towards cyber security. We can pick-up where you need us to. If you’re not sure where you are, we can assess this for you.

We begin with a business analysis to understand your activities and your most valuable and sensitive data. We look at how that data is collected, stored, used, shared and archived to analyse the risk posed to your business.

Then we design simple and effective policy and procedures that are required to protect, detect and respond to a cyber security compromise.

Finally, we train your staff in cyber security awareness and the new procedures so that they understand why and how to act more securely. Ultimately, it’s a people problem that requires a people solution.