Cyber Self Defence (CSD)


Internet scams were once the something that happened to someone else. Today, everyone is a target a cyber crime. Cyber crime is escalating to the point where now cyber criminals are competing to rob you. Understanding how to defend yourself in an increasingly complex world of cyberspace is increasingly difficult.

Cyber Self Defence (CSD) provides you with basic techniques to defend against the most common internet threats. You’ll learn about attacks and how to protect, detect and recover from them. Karate is basic self-defence for physical attacks; this is basic self-defence for cyber attacks. You don’t need a black-belt to protect yourself, just a little ‘street smart’.


Price for stolen information to apply for a loan in your name.


Average ransom demand by criminals to recover encrypted files.


To implement basic cyber self defence measures.

Full-Day Course

09 February 2017

02 March 2017

$385 per person

Weekly Classes

Tuesday and Thursday evenings

5:30pm to 8:00pm (bookings essential)

$50 per class (packages available)


Please reserve your seat on the course by registering online at or by emailing:

It is a matter of confidence

Scammers and crooks depend on people’s ignorance. Email, phone and social media scammers attempt to confuse and intimidate targets with complexity and threats. Know how to unveil scams. Have the confidence to turn the tables on scammers. We’ll show you how.

Our cyber self defence approach to training

1. Explain the threat...

Demonstrating real-world attacks so that you understand how everything works.

2. Demonstrate the defence...

Walking you through the practical steps to avoiding and protecting against attacks.

3. Guide your practice...

Supervising the implementation of the defences on your own computer so you feel protected.