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Consumers / Users

Cyber Self Defence

Internet scams were once the something that happened to someone else. Today, everyone is a target a cyber crime. Cyber crime is escalating to the point where now cyber criminals are competing to rob you. Understanding how to defend yourself in an increasingly complex world of cyberspace is increasingly difficult.

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Security and Privacy Online

Human error is the leading contributing factor to a cyber security incident. Managing cyber security risk must involve ‘end-user’ awareness training. Security and Privacy Online (SPO) is an easy to digest four-part course covering email, social media, web and computer and device security. It is focused on giving users at every level the essential knowledge to prepare for, recognise and respond to online scams and threats. Optionally, learning is reinforced using a series of threat simulations to measure staff behavior. Most attacks are not sophisticated and so an effective defence is simply a disciplined implementation of the basic fundamentals.

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Cyber Health Check

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) handle a great deal of sensitive information. Whether that be customer’s personal information, health records, financial data or intellectual property - information is really important to your business. How would your information falling into the hands of criminals or competitors affect your business?

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