Course Outline: Cyber Policy Priorities (CYPOL)


This one-day course is essential for all personnel involved in cyber policy analysis and development. Participants will receive a comprehensive summary and expert analysis of domestics and international cyber policies intended to shape cyberspace. A culminating workshop provides participants with a fictitious - but possible - scenario through which to assess Australia’s current policy position and our readiness in the face of a cyber crisis. The workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with fellow experts in government.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain foundational insights into the escalating scale and scope of security issues in cyber space.
  • See how security dependencies outside your enterprise affect your information protection and assurance.
  • Learn how other countries and state.province jurisdictions have addressed policy dilemmas and trade-offs in addressing and exploiting insecurity in cyber space.
  • Appreciate the need for consistent articulation of policy in very distinct and separate areas of cyber space insecurity (crime, terrorism, bullying and harassment, privacy, cyber espionage, critical infrastructure protection, and cyber-enabled war).


Course is delivered on-site at Fifth Domain’s training facility in Canberra.

CYPOL is delivered by Professor Greg Austin who is Australia’s leading scholar on international security aspects of cyberspace affairs.


Experience in cyber or national security policy analysis and development.


Dates are subject to booking availability.


$800 +GST per person. Maximum 12 seats per course.


Please reserve your seat on the course by registering online at or by emailing:

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Course Program
CYPOL: Cyber Policy Priorities

One Day Course
Topics Covered

Global Cyber Threat Environment: Politics, Economics, Arms Racing

Australia's Cyber Security Strategy: Critical Perspectives

Australian Policies for Protection of Critical Infrastructure in Cyber Space

Australian Policy Settings for Countering Cyber Crime

China's Cyber Espionage

China's Cyber Power Ambition: Politics, Economics, Military Strategy

Benchmarking Australia's National Security Needs in Cyber Space (focus on US, China and technologies for war-fighting)

Scenario workshop

Participants will be presented with a ficticious scenario in which Australian must respond to a cyber crisis in the context of a wider polictical and miltary situation. Participants will examine Australia’s current policies and determine a range of available reponses. Ultimately, participants will discuss and assess our preparedness to deal with a complex cyber scenario.