Course type

Analysts / Advisors

Cyber Threat Analysis

Advisors and analysts who understand well the national security, financial and political impacts of cybercrime, cyber-espionage, and cyber-terrorism but want a deeper understanding of the technology and activities behind topics such as the Dark Web, Bot-nets, Bitcoin, Cryptoware, Watering-holes, Man-in-the-Middle and the like will value Cyber Threat Analysis. This course explains in plain English the essential technical details of the most commonly used cyber terms and concepts to pull back the curtain and provide deeper insight and appreciation.

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Cyber Policy Priorities

This one-day course is essential for all personnel involved in cyber policy and analysis. Participants will receive a comprehensive summary and expert analysis of domestics and international cyber policies intended to shape cyberspace.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with fellow experts in government.

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