In an increasingly digitised world, the importance of a robust cyber security team cannot be overstated. For government agencies, the stakes are even higher, as they deal with sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Hiring the right cyber security staff for Security Operations Centres (SOCs) is paramount to protect against ever-evolving cyber threats. However, making the wrong hiring decisions can leave your cyber capability vulnerable, and the resulting remediation can divert precious resources away from your organisation’s goals. In this blog, we introduce FifthDomain’s innovative solutions to empower hiring managers to employ suitably skilled staff and retain their team. Our Cyber Skills Assessments and Capture the Flag Competitions are designed to transform the way government clients identify and recruit cyber talent while honing cyber skills and fostering successful transitions for existing staff into cyber roles.

The cost of hiring the wrong cyber staff
In Australia, hiring new talent can cost around $23,000^ per hire, and hiring takes time and effort. Hiring the wrong candidate can have severe consequences for government agencies. Hiring without understanding candidate skills and competencies in hands-on cyber operations can cause headaches for management, and expose your organisation to cyber-attacks and data breaches. As you know, these devastating incidents can lead to data loss, reputational damage, and financial and legal penalties. By leveraging our cyber skills assessments, government hiring managers can ensure they select candidates with the right skills to excel in SOC roles, minimising risk to their organsiation.
^Australian HR Industry Benchmark Survey

De-risking hiring decisions
Cyber skills assessments arm government hiring managers with rich insights on individual candidate and cohort performance through operations tasks. With these performance insights, the hiring manager can confidently make informed candidate selection decisions, knowing they are bringing in the most skilled candidates to safeguard their organisation’s digital assets.

Transitioning non-cyber staff into cyber roles
Given the competition for experienced cyber operators, building a robust cyber security team often involves nurturing a talent pipeline from within your wider organisation. Many non-cyber professionals possess the potential to excel in cyber roles given the right training and support. FifthDomain recognises this potential and offers government employers an alternative pathway to bolster their cyber team. Engaging your wider team through Capture the Flag competitions, allows existing staff to join the CTF, and showcase their skills while having fun with colleagues. CTFs are engaging and competitive events that challenge participants to solve intricate cyber security challenges in real time. These competitions help pinpoint individuals with exceptional problem-solving abilities, creativity, and technical proficiency. By organising CTF events, government clients can identify and cultivate the best talent for their cyber security teams.

A comprehensive talent development approach
Both cyber skills assessments and Capture the Flag Competitions provide invaluable insights into candidates’ and current team members’ strengths and weaknesses. These insights empower government hiring managers to design tailored onboarding and training programs to newly recruited candidates or upskill their existing team. By investing in continuous learning, SOC managers can build a stronger, more resilient cyber team that stays ahead of emerging threats and builds capability

The digital landscape demands that government agencies fortify their cyber security measures by hiring the right talent and fostering skills development. FifthDomain’s revolutionary solutions, cyber skills assessments and Capture the Flag Competitions, offer effective tools to identify cyber talent, reduce hiring risks, and seamlessly transition non-cyber professionals into cyber roles. By leveraging these products, government clients can confidently build strong Security Operations Centres capable of defending against ever-evolving cyber threats. Protect your precious digital assets with FifthDomain’s innovative cyber talent solutions.

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