On March 16, Grok Academy hosted Cyber Live 2022, a simulated Mass Infrastructure Attack (MIA) where over 11,000 Australian school students participated.

The cyber challenge involved students working together to complete a series of tasks to find out who the culprit was that attacked Australia’s biggest landmarks and free fictional Navy Captain Jones hostage. FifthDomain is a sponsor of the Schools Cyber Security Challenges – now known as CyberSTEPs – a $3.8 million national program in partnership with Grok Academy, Industry and the Federal Government to provide students with valuable cyber skills, as well as raise awareness for future careers in cybersecurity.

Our own CEO and Founder Matt Wilcox joined a panel of cybersecurity experts from organisations such as ANZ, NAB, Westpac, AWS and others to discuss the cybersecurity industry and their own experiences. The cyber skills gap is a hot topic right now and Matt discussed the importance of encouraging everyone to consider a career in cybersecurity – not just those with a background in technology or security. 

FifthDomain has worked with Industry and Government to develop tools that help identify people with the right skills for a career in cyber, regardless of their educational background, formal training, current job, gender identity, or race.  When asked why young people should consider a career in cybersecurity, Matt spoke about how it’s creative, fun, and never boring. 

“There’s more to a career in cyber than just a paycheck. There’s a great opportunity to really set up your career to work in an organisation because you have to learn so much about technology but the business as well,” said Matt Wilcox.


Cyber Live Grok Academy


Cyber Live panel from the top left: Lynwen Connick, CISO at ANZ; Phil Rodrigues, Head of Security APJ Commercial at AWS; Luke Barker, Head of Security ANZ at BT, Keith Howard, CISO at CBA; Matt Wilcox, CEO, and Founder of FifthDomain; Sandro Buchianeri, CSO at NAB and Richard Johnson, CISO at Westpac.


The Three T’s of cybersecurity

During the discussion, Matt also spoke about the three T’s of cybersecurity:

Technology – People need to be familiar and comfortable with technology and tools.

People need to be familiar and comfortable with technology and tools.


This is the ability to problem solve. Attacks are constantly changing so there’s no easy solution. People working in cybersecurity need to have the curiosity to dig deeper. This is crucial to finding the answer to the question.


Cybersecurity is a team sport across the entire industry. So you need to be able to communicate people’s problems and risks and collaborate to solve them. 


The three T’s of cybersecurity also tie into why building a career in cyber is so rewarding because you need to understand how an entire organisation works, whilst protecting it from cyber threats. FifthDomain works with a number of organisations to help solve three main problems faced in the cybersecurity industry today:

  • Recruit
  • Train
  • Retain

If you’d like to work with FifthDomain to solve your cybersecurity challenges, please contact us today.

To find out more about Cyber Live, follow this link.