Research & Partnerships

As an industry leading training and workforce development company, we work with research institutions to develop best practice methodologies, provide next generation technologies and build upon the existing knowledge base.

Research Partnerships

We know we can't solve all the cyber security skills issues out there - it is too complex!

We work closely with education providers and industry experts to make sure the content delivered through our platforms is relevant to the workplace and up-to-date with the current threat landscape. We ensure key influencers are up-to-date on current projects, and look for opportunities to partner on projects that focus on effective cyber security training and workforce development solutions.

Why we use NICE

We use the internationally recognised National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework. The NICE Framework is recognised by governments, academia and industry to profile existing cyber workforces and define future job roles. The framework is mapped by linking education outcomes to the relevant work roles identified by NICE and the associated knowledge, skills, abilities and tasks (KSATS). This ensures learners know if they are industry relevant and also helps identify career pathways.

The NICE Framework can be used to assess your cyber capability from enterprise to individual level, helping you make the best training decisions and improving the capability of your staff or students.

We have the expertise to understand and meet the cyber training needs of customers within the cyber security training and workforce development sectors.

We have worked closely with education institutions, industry, government and defence in an advisory capacity, as a research partner, and as a leading company that produces high quality technologies that get results.

The AustCyber Projects Fund - Cybersecurity Skills and Technology Accelerator is an example where FifthDomain taken the lead in bringing together industry and education institutions to develop Australia’s cyber security training and workforce requirements.